Custom Club Leotard Process

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Custom Club Leotard Process

We understand just how important a club leotard is.

If this is your first club leotard or you are after something new with our experience let us take a complicated process and turn it into a fun and exciting experience.

You are welcome to have as much or little input into the design process you feel comfortable with. But remember our goal is to make a leotard that you can be proud of and give that extra confidence on stage.

 The design process

1. Designs and Ideas

Present us with your designs and ideas. This can be in the form of drawings or photos.

From experience with this information we can provide you with an accurate cost.

If you accept this price we will then fine tune the details of your design.

2. Material selection

We like to provide you with sample materials to confirm your colour selection.

3. Measurements

Measurement are taken using our measuring chart as a guide.

4. Final Brief and quotation

We then provide you with a final brief to out line the details of your design and a formal quotation.

5. Payment and Production

Once payment has been confirmed our team begin careful production of your leotard.

Your leotard will have several inspections along its production cycle.

When completed your leotard have a final quality control inspection by our lead designer and then packaged.   

6. Delivery

Your leotard will then be express posted to your provided address with tracking and signature on delivery.


As a club leotard order we will have certain requirements in order to reduce prices and have a timely delivery process.

1. We will provide you a one of leotard at the single unit price as a sample.

2. The Initial leotard order must be 5 units. After that orders of between 3 and 5 units will be accepted.

3. If you require less than 3 leotards urgently there will be a surcharge of $40.00AUD.

4. We will make sure that the materials we provide will be available to you for a minimum period of 3 years.

5. From the time of payment conformation delivery will be 5 weeks.